Usually, we feel our stomach tight when we have any kind of digestive or hormonal issues. The sensation of feeling tight stomach can go away on its own, and sometimes it stays for a longer period of time. But is that normal? Sometimes, yes it is normal and sometimes, it can be a signal of an underlying health issue. Let’s know this in detail.

Tight Stomach- What is it?

A tight stomach can feel distinctive for everybody. It might feel as though the muscular strength is contracting and making weight in the stomach. The inclination can originate from the muscles in the abdomen, the stomach wall lining, or the organs encompassing the stomach. The tight sensation is regularly a brief distress caused by eating routine or hormones. Be that as it may, it can likewise be a side effect of a hidden condition.

Possible Causes of Tight Stomach

Nice topic! The possible causes for a tight stomach are not only physical factors but also chronic stress. Yes, if you are taking a good amount of stress in your brain, you can develop the symptoms of a tight stomach. You can opt for stress reduction techniques in this case. Physical factors which can cause tight stomach includes –

  • Constipation – This condition is caused by poor diet. If you are passing stools less than 4 times a week or having abdominal pains often with dry stools and difficulty in passing the stools, then you have constipation. If you are having constipation, then it will cause a tight feeling in your stomach.
  • Indigestion – Overeating and eating too quickly can cause indigestion. Stress, alcohol, and smoking can also cause indigestion, leading to tight stomach.
  • Food Poisoning – If you have eaten contaminated food, then it is likely that you will have food poisoning. It can cause a tight feeling in your stomach with other symptoms such as vomiting, nausea, abdominal pain or loss of appetite.
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome – This is a chronic condition which affects the digestive system. Apart from getting a feeling of the tight stomach, you will have constipating, gas, bloating and pain in stomach.
  • A Hiatal Hernia – A hiatal or a rest hernia happens when part of the stomach pushes into the chest. Snugness in the upper bit of the stomach can happen, alongside different indications.
  • Gastritis – If there is an inflammation of the stomach lining, then it can cause gastritis leading to the cause of stomach tightness. Vomiting, feeling unusually full after food, abdominal pain or indigestion are the symptoms of gastritis.
  • Premenstrual Syndrome – Premenstrual disorder frequently happens after 2 weeks of a person’s menstrual period. PMS can cause a tight stomach and different symptoms such as mood swings, muscle aches, painful breasts, irritability etc.
  • Pregnancy – A woman may feel tightness in their stomach in the beginning times of pregnancy. This is caused by the womb or uterus extending. A lady should look for medical help if serious torment likewise happens, especially in the initial 20 weeks, as this can be an indication of premature delivery. In the second or third trimester, stomach fixing can be caused by work compressions or Braxton-Hicks constrictions. The two kinds of withdrawals are more typical in the third trimester, be that as it may. Braxton-Hicks withdrawals can cause inconvenience, however, they will pass. In the event that compressions don’t pass and are winding up more tireless, this might be an indication that labor is Changing sitting or lying positions or doing delicate exercises, for example, extending or strolling, can assuage stomach tightness during pregnancy.


In cases such as pregnancy or food poisoning, it is not possible to prevent stomach tightening. But in other cases, you can include healthy and balanced diet in your eating routine, stay hydrated, exercise regularly and minimize your stress to prevent the tight feeling of your stomach.

Remember that you should immediately seek medical help if you are noticing the following symptoms, along with tightness in your stomach –

  • Bloody stools
  • Weight loss
  • Severe abdominal pain
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Severe nausea and vomiting


There are numerous reasons why a person’s stomach may feel tight. It is generally identified with stomach related or hormonal factors. A tight stomach might be joined by different manifestations that can be mellow or serious, contingent upon the reason. As a rule, a tight stomach isn’t a reason for concern. Be that as it may, if indications endure for longer than a couple of days, or are serious, at that point medical help might be required.