More Women in India are diagnosed with Cancer than Men,

Cancer is increased day by day at increasing rate and sucks the people life slowly as a termite. Every year more Indian women than men are diagnosed with cancer. In our nation, it is reflected in insurance statistics that show more women claim medical insurance for cancer treatment. The claims were more for cancers of the cervix and breast. According to world cancer report, 5.37 lakh Indian women got cancer in 2012 against the data 4.77 lakh than men. The percentage of men and women of health insurance for past four years were claimed 62%-65% for women while for men insurance was claimed 35%-38% only.



The main reasons for more women in India are diagnosed with cancer than men are hormones and habits. According to Dr. Boman Dhabar women, cells are exposed to more hormones and more hormonal fluctuation, which leads to increased susceptibility to cell dysplasia. Dr. Dhabar also revealed that “there is also socio-economic reason such as lack of hygiene and toilets that lead to an increased incidence of cervical cancer. He said that “oppression of Indian women” leads them to neglect their own health.”

Maximum treatment claims in women are Genitals, breast, blood, digestive, and lungs. And in men treatments claims are Digestive, Blood, oral, Lungs and genitals. The epidemiology department which is leading by Dr. Rajesh Dikshit pointed out that if the incidence of breast and cervical cancer are removed.

Well, cancer hit more women in India than Men, but more men die of it. Yes, you heard right! There is some reason are hide behind it. The female sex hormone is that which is called Estrogens. This helps in fighting cancer in women. Estrogen makes women fight against cardiovascular diseases which help in the battle with cancer as well. According to Dr. Ravi Mehrotra cancer is mortality higher among men because the lung and oral cavity cancers that become the reason among men are usually detected at a late stage that is 95% of these cancers are due to tobacco consumption. We come across patients during this last stage f the disease that becomes hard to treat”

Breast cancer is highly ratio in women cancer data. At 45 to 50 years, the peak chance of breast cancer and ovarian cancer. This could be due to genetic and hormonal or environmental elements. Many women may be diagnosed late because of lack of awareness or money. The best way to minimize the ration of cancer in both the gender is to spread awareness and knowledge. And have diagnosed cancer at its early stage.