Trump done good or bad in his first year

The famous and demanded American late night talk show, i.e. The Jimmy Fallon Show, which is hosted by Jimmy Fallon, has something new to bring in front of all of us. This time he has targeted kids vs. Donald Trump. Yes, you have heard it right! He interviewed few kids from the US about “How do you think Trump has done in his first year in office?” That’s not the end, the impressive impressions from the kids in their answers about President Donald Trump will surely blow your mind and of course, you will laugh out loud.

It’s very well-known that many time people from all around the world have trolled him and called out his actions. Lots of opinions are being shared on social media and YouTube channels frequently about Donald Trump and about his actions. Obviously, Trump has provided us with lots of forage to do that and there is no doubt in it. But now we can also see that it is not only the adults who are expressing their views about POTUS, there are kids as well.

Recently, the well-known comedy Jimmy Fallon show featured a video where they asked for kid’s expressions on POTUS. You can watch the video below to see the hilarious results –

There were many different views from small children about President Trump’s first year in office but all of them are extremely funny and hilarious. Kids expressed President Trump’s expressions in their own way. While a small kid acted his famous dialogue “We will build a large wall, yes, a large wall”, other small and cute kid said “You will get fired”, making a facial expression of Trump.

The funniest part of the video is when one kid said “He saved the world, from what? From Harmony.” Few kids were asked what comes to their minds at first when they are asked about Donald Trump, and the answers were – small fingers, the small hand with fingers etc. That’s really super and super hilarious.

One kid also mentioned that he made an angry face when Donald Trump won the elections and he demonstrated the face in front of the camera. Few kids mentioned President Trump as an unsmart guy because he treats people badly.  Now that will surely not make Donald Trump happy, but unfortunately, these are the kids’ reactions from his own country, United States of America.

It seems Donald Trump needs to cancel his plans and orders against North Korea and Mexico. Kids had a comment on this action as well. One kid commented that she loves to visit Mexico and Trump has talked about building walls on the border of Mexico. The other kid said that Trump needs to stop threatening North Korea, and the reason is that he doesn’t want to get nuked. A small kid says she gets pictures of princesses in her mind when she hears about Donald Trump. Does Donald Trump look like a princess? Oh god!

Now, Trump needs to work more positively to get good comments at the end of his second year. Hope so he does well! Good luck America.