Top 5 Indian Batsmen with Most Number of ODI Sixes

From perseverance to predominance to ability in plenitude to execution in greatness, the Indian ODI team has now got everything. The beginning of the 21st century saw India ingrain conviction and enormous grit in themselves in abroad conditions under the Sourav Ganguly era.

In the ODI circuit, it was a fresh start paying little heed to their accomplishment before. In spite of not being the first creators of the game, India brags a hearty history. What’s more, discussing ODI cricket, the two-time World Cup champs have a not insignificant rundown of players who could strike it spotless and giant.

Now, let us look at the five players who have embedded their names in hitting the most number of sixes in the Indian ODI cricket history –

MS Dhoni

MS Dhoni has the maximum number of sixes in the Indian ODI cricket history. He is considered to be the most powerful smasher of the cricket ball in the country that fans have ever seen. The power which MS Dhoni uses to smash a ball out of the boundary is really fearsome. He has a healthy strike rate of 88.40 and at present Dhoni are only 33 runs short of 10000 ODI runs.

Dhoni is also considered as the finisher of the game. He is well known for his “helicopter shot”.

Sachin Tendulkar

Here comes the “God of Indian Cricket”. Sachin is no doubt the most celebrated ODI cricketers in the history of the game.

We should start with his numbers that are most likely superb; an enormous 463 ODI matches, 18426 runs, an average of 44.83 and the considerable rundown continues endlessly about the Master Blaster who additionally brags the record for becoming the first player to score a double hundred in an ODI.

Concentrating on striking big, Tendulkar was a standout amongst the most aggressive batsmen the world had seen in the 1990s. He is the main batsmen to score more than 2000 boundaries in ODI cricket and with regards to the maximums, Tendulkar has a tremendous 195 sixes. Unarguably a dominant part of them have originated from elegant timing.

Sourav Ganguly

Still, after his retirement, Sourav Ganguly is debated as the best Indian skipper. Ganguly was himself a technically gifted and aggressive batsman of the team, and he also instilled the attacking mindset in his team.  In his time, mostly this man opened the innings for India and his partnership with Sachin Tendulkar was too much famous and demanding.

He has over 300 ODI caps with 11363 runs in his ODI career and he is one of the cricketers who has hit more than 190 massive sixes.

Rohit Sharma

He is referred to as ‘hit-man’, has a gigantic presence at the top of the order. The Mumbai batsman began batting in the middle order yet since he began to open the innings, he has been a magnificent revelation.

A surprising 3 double hundreds in the ODI format alongside the most astounding ever ODI score of 264 to his bag, Sharma has effectively combined a situation in the rundown of ODI greats. In spite of the fact that Sharma has embraced a wary approach in the prior phrases of the ODIs, his heroics in the later stages is respected exceedingly by the experts and the fans.

Sharma brags a sum of 169 sixes in the ODI format alongside an extraordinary record of crushing 16 sixes in an innings in transit to his maiden double hundred against Australia. It is just a short time before he rushes past 200 sixes given his productive attacking ability.

Yuvraj Singh

We all know that Yuvraj Singh’s contribution to the Indian team during the World Cup of 2011 is really enormous. This cricketer has not only hit more than 150 sixes but the way Yuvraj has timed most of the highlights his ability to strike it crisply. He is the only Indian to hit 6 sixes in an over. In the batting order of Indian cricket team, he is batted primarily in the No.4 and No.5 position. He has done the role of match finisher on multiple matches. Yuvraj Singh has hit 155 sixes in a total of 304 matches with a strike rate of 87.67.