LUCKNOW: BJP leader Varun Gandhi talks to Priyangi Agarwal about speculation he may join Congress and if he will campaign against his cousins.

Why did you swap seats with your mother? You are fighting from Pilibhit and she from Sultanpur.

I have represented this constituency before. Both constituencies are home for us. I have familial relations with people in Pilibhit since I was nine, when my mother was first elected. The party leadership took a decision and we carried forward their orders.

There was speculation recently that you might join Congress. Has the thought crossed your mind?

I joined BJP 15 years ago. The day I joined I said the day I leave the party will be the day I pack my bags and leave politics. What was true then is true now.

Your name was raised by some in 2017 as a possible CM candidate in UP…

I think I would be best suited for a role in national politics.

Will the SP-BSPRLD alliance put up a tough fight?

When I go to the villages, I see enormous goodwill for (PM Narendra) Modiji. The social reform schemes of the government have significantly impacted the lives of people. SP-BSP are only focusing on caste arithmetic; they are unable to understand that people vote for hope.

BJP candidates are seeking votes in the name of Modi. What issues are you raising?

I am also asking for votes in the name of leadership because it is incumbent upon me to make sure that as a political worker people know that their country is in safe hands. At the same time, I am talking about the work I did and my mother did.

Will you campaign against your cousins Rahul and Priyanka Gandhi?

I will do whatever my party leadership decides.

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