RAIPUR: Congress President Rahul Gandhi said on Friday that his party will implement right to healthcare Act to provide some minimum healthcare to all, increase health budget to three percent of GDP, if voted to power in coming Lok Sabha Elections.

Interacting with healthcare professionals starting from ‘metanins’ to specialized doctors in a National Convention on Healthcare For All program in Chhattisgarh’s Raipur on Friday, Rahul Gandhi announced that healthcare increase number of doctors and healthcare professionals to be trained in the country, as part of party’s national manifesto.

At the event Gandhi highlighted the three national agenda and Congress party’s considerations, for which Gandhi said, “There are three things that any government in the 21st century will keep up their stand for and in India we have to fix the problem of unemployment, have to provide low cost; high quality of education for youngsters and to ensure citizens are protected with healthcare system these are three non- negotiable things for me. If we do not do all of these we will not be successful.”

‘Healthcare which is in a sense, a foundation, so we’ve to ensure that it is built firmly, which will eradicate the cause of biggest poverty.”

During the one to one interaction at the convention with ‘ASHA workers’, Gandhi assured to regularize all contractual health workers including ASHA, Anganwadi and helpers in a gradual manner.

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