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Most Pregnant Women face ‘ABUSE’ at Healthcare Centres – Study Reveals,Isn’t it shocking? Most of the pregnant women who seek maternity care in government and private hospitals in the northern part of India go through various types of abuse and maltreatment, a recent study has revealed. The study which made the stunning disclosure was led by specialists from the school of public health of the Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research (PGIMER), Chandigarh.

The study which was conducted has been titled “Respectful Maternity Care at Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Care Facilities: A study for Advocacy”. The study was conducted in places such as Chandigarh, Haryana, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu and Kashmir. The study was conducted between the period of May and August 2017 in a total of 11 government and 5 private hospitals which features maternity care in their premises. A total of 200 women were surveyed during the study.

Pregnant Women

The very common type of abuses which these pregnant women experienced and faced was shouted at by the staff of the hospital or left unattended and instances of hurried check-ups. The following seven types of abuses were reported to the researchers during the survey, let’s have a look.

  • Neglect of Denial of Care – Occurrences of neglect, denial of care were watched. Instances of the refusal of care included disappointment with respect to medical caretakers to give solace to the customer, disregarding customer’s calls for help, not reacting to customer’s expression of pain, the absence of tidiness and cleanliness, leaving ladies unattended in labor rooms, and relatives performing roles of health staff.
  • Verbal Abuse – Few verbal cases of abuse were observed such as rough treatment, passing harsh and rude comments, judgemental comments etc. which was very informal.
  • Non Consented Care – Denying for a birth companion in the second or third phase of labor, the absence of data about care being given or discoveries of physical examination were most ordinarily distinguished types of lack of regard and mishandle.
  • Physical Abuse – Most common physical abuse which was observed was strenuous pressure on the abdomen during the time of delivery and physical handling after delivery.
  • Social Status Discrimination – Women faced discriminations which were based on socioeconomic status.
  • Detention in Facilities – Demands for informal payments by the staff of the hospital, which was amounted to a kind of detention was watched.
  • Non Confidential Care – Cases of non-confidential care were reported. Pregnant ladies getting exposed to other ladies lying in the labor room and non-wellbeing male staff’s presence in the room was

After the report being published, the health care providers did not accept it and denied that any type of abuse happens in their facilities. They named this situation as a result of high patient load, or work culture and poor patient staff ratio. Each and every hospital is well aware of the government rule that there should be a birth companion during delivery of a baby, but these health care providers don’t even bother to keep a birth companion. Their one and the only reason are “Birth companions can distract the pregnant women”.