Country’s biggest every banking scam has happened and now political issues are growing up which are linked them to the fraud case. Again this is the question between two political parties of India, i.e. Congress and BJP. Both the parties seem to be busy to blame each other for the biggest baking fraud, that has happened to the country worth Rs.11, 000 crores. The truth is that the accused are still on the run and the government has no clue about their whereabouts.

The Congress claims that Nirav Modi and Mehul Choksi, who is the prime accused in the Punjab National Bank scam case were close to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The accused scammed Punjab National Bank with the help of fraudulent transactions through 151 LoU’s (Letters of Undertaking).

NeeravThe BJP says the PNB bank scam occurred amid UPA’s residency and the party was attempting to clean Congress’ chaos. The Congress, be that as it may, says everything happened directly under the nose of India’s “Chaukidar” Prime Minister Modi.  Punjab National Bank MD Sunil Mehta said the “a tumor” began from 2011 and went to his notice in the third seven day stretch of January this year.

In any case, the FIR documented by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) indicates 148 Letters of Undertakings (LoU’s) out of aggregate 151 were issued under the Modi government in 2017. That’s really shocking!

The Claims of Congress

Congress is directly blaming Prime Minister Narendra Modi and is accusing to host Mehul Choksi, the MD of ‘Gitanjali Gems’, who is one of the prime accused in the PNB Scam worth Rs.11000 crore. A video has also recently been shared by Congress, which also shows that Prime Minister Modi is addressing Mehul Choksi as “Mehul Bhai”. Apart from this video, a picture of Narendra Modi with Nirav Modi is also shared by the Congress, which was clicked just one day before, when the CBI registered its FIR.

Congress leader Kapil Sibal charged that the market capitalization of recorded organizations in the diamonds and jewellery business is pegged at Rs 41.66 billion, while its gross current debt remains at Rs 94 billion. Sibal said Nirav Modi has purchased fewer resources and took more advances since PM Modi took charge in 2014. “They knew about this. Be that as it may, they deliberately ignored. They knew that the nation was being plundered,” Congress said by directly charging BJP for the biggest bank fraud in the nation.

The Defence of BJP

After Congress’ claims, BJP rapidly came in the harm control mode and pointed the finger at Congress for the multi-crore PNB fraud. The party handled none other than the Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman to counter Congress’ charges. Sitharaman said the nation’s biggest banking fraud happened amid UPA’s administration and Modi government was cleaning the wreckage spread by Congress. She said the key charged Nirav Modi and his family may have possessed the capacity to escape yet the administration is making a move against him.

The Defence Minister referred to ex-Allahabad Bank chief Dinesh Dubey and said he had cautioned the UPA government against offering loans to Mehul Choksi’s Gitanjali Gems however he was expelled from his post.


The claims from Congress stand to be correct at some points but we cannot say who is really responsible for the Punjab National Scam. More than that, we will be confused until that point of time, when Nirav Modi and his accompany go behind the bars and we see BJP taking a strict action against the prime accused.