Mahavir Jayanti 2018: Know about the festival

Mahavir Jayanti is the main auspicious festival of Jain community. Mahavir Jayanti falls in the month of Chaitra which comes in the month of March and April. This year Mahavir Jayanti is being celebrated on March 27, 2018. This festival is celebrated across the world. Jainism has a belief in their own perception and follows their own rules.  Jains are strict followers of vegetarianism and follow the path of non-violence.  Lord Mahavir Swami created the five-fold path of non-violence, non-stealing, the virtue of celibacy, truth, and non-possessiveness.

Mahavir Jayanti

History of Mahavir Jayanti

As per history reveals, Mahavir Jayanti is celebrated to scrutinize the birth of great philosopher Mahavir Swami who is one of the twenty-four Tirthankara of the Jain religion. He was born in the year 599 BCE. It is believed that he was born in the thirteen days of the bright cycle of the moon of month Chaitra. Mahavir Jayanti is also known as Mahavir Janma Kalnayak and is celebrated with much enthusiasm at all the Jain temples especially in Girnar and Palatine in Gujarat.

The signification of Mahavir Jayanti

Mahavir Jayanti is marked as the birth of Lord Mahavir Swami and during his birth, every people surrounded the event to become more peaceful and happy. At the age of 30, Mahavir left his material life and began meditation.  Mahavir Swami had attained his enlightenment after twelve years of his continuous meditation under Ashoka tree.  Mahavir traveled to the many places and distributed the sessions of non-violence forbidding killing and accepting peace. He also gave the lesson to human beings that they can gain a lot of virtues just by meditating and observing fasts.

Mahavir Jayanti Rituals

  • Maintain and observe fast throughout the day.
  • Visit Jain temples.
  • Give a ritual bath to the idol of Mahavir.
  • Chant Mahavir Jayanti prayers.
  • Distribute cloths, food, and money to the poor

How to celebrate Mahavir Jayanti

Jains people visit Jain temples and seek the blessings of the last Tirthankara. They visit to observe the rituals and auspicious moment, which is known as “abhisheka” where the idol Mahavir swami is bathed with honey, milk, water, and flowers. Prasad is prepared for devotees and communities. Overall, this festival indicates a total devotion towards nonviolence and peace. The temples are also being decorated and various events are being organized.

Wishing you all a very happy Mahavir Jayanti.