NEW DELHI: Barely four out of 100 parents use child restraint to protect child occupants despite 76% are aware about their usage, a country wide survey has found.

The survey conducted by Save Life Foundation across 11% cities also found that nearly seven out of 10 car users were aware of a rear seat belt in their cars, yet 67% admitted they never used it. Only 7% per cent of respondents said they use it regularly.

Use of rear seatbelt is mandatory as per law.

Interestingly, about 72% cab drivers corroborated they had never seen a rear seat passenger wearing a rear seat belt.

The survey found that nearly 38% felt wearing seatbelt is was not mandatory. About 91% of respondents said they had never been stopped by the police for not wearing a rear seat belt. On being asked for solutions that will encourage people to wear rear seat belts more frequently, 45% said there is a need to create awareness about benefits of wearing the rear seat belt, 24.2% believed it should be made mandatory and 11.2% voted for an enhancement in police enforcement.

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