Ladies, Don’t Apply Lipstick! It can harm you

Every girl is passionate about her make-up and very possessive towards her look.  The make-up product ‘lipsticks’ are one of the important key factors for her beauty elements. Lipstick has grown to be an inseparable part of women’s make-up kit. But you will get shocked after knowing that lipstick can become a reason for your bad health. Yes, you have heard it absolutely right! Lipstick can lead your life to bad health.  The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) published a report on lead and lipsticks and found that the lead level in 400 lipsticks is ranged from 0.026 parts per million to 7.10 parts per million. Lipsticks contain heavy metals such as zinc, chromium, lead, magnesium, and cadmium. These are the heavy metals that cause harm and endanger your life while you use it for a long time.


The lead that is found in lipsticks affects both your heart and brain. Cadmium is known to cause kidney failure. Lastly, the study found that preservatives are used in lipstick. We all know that one swipe of the lipstick can make you look more glamorous and lipsticks have grown to be a must-have for many females and it is irreplaceable to them. The women all over the might put a blind eye on the fact that lipstick is very harmful to their health. This is not the right thing to consider that how your life is precious. This adds an edge to your style and gives you the confidence in yourself. Let’s look at some of the things lipstick can do to your body.

Lipsticks are also harmful to children if they ingest it because it can lead to series of serious complications. This causes lipstick poisoning and causes mild stomach pains. You should not use expired lipsticks. This can lead to serious complications in future and it might be life-threatening to you. Usage of lipsticks should be stopped because of the effects that it can cause to your body. Safeguard your life first and live longer without using lipstick. Take a moment and rethink about how important is your life and you likely come to a stand that your life is more important than anything.


Lipstick contains many harmful toxic metals like zinc, chromium, lead, magnesium, cadmium, and mercury. In addition to all, lipstick may contain formaldehyde, a preservative, and known carcinogen, mineral oil substances are knows to block pores.  That’s the reason we should avoid lipstick for a long time.