International Destination outside India that you can totally afford

Everyone can easily travel in a foreign country on a supposed budget if planned well. Yes, traveling abroad is not as expensive as it seems to be. But it requires thorough research that which countries are one of the cheapest to travel from India. By reading this article you can make a profusion cheap international destination holidays with your loved ones. So take a look at it for enjoying abroad countries.


Thailand is a totally affordable international destination and very exciting place to visit. The airfare of Thailand is cheap as well as affordable and residing expenses are too cheap there. Thailand is a mixture of the modern cityscape, rich cultural heritage, and opulent royal palace too. Transport cost of oversight from the bus ranges from INR 1200-1500 approx. and cost of food per day in restaurants is INR 200 for one person.


Bhutan is the best place for those, who look for some peace, tranquility and amazing things to do. It is the totally pocket-friendly budget place to travel as well. Bhutan is well known for natural beauty and the enormous spread of uncultivated terrains. Indians can visit Bhutan without a passport. You can easily find good hotels under INR 1500 per night. And if you are looking for decent hotels then the cost will be 2000 to 2500 INR.

Sri Lanka

As we all know that Srilanka is a neighboring country of India. It offers a wide range of budget-friendly options to one. And it is famous for amazing beaches, heritage tours, art and culture tours, wildlife tours and plantation tours. Cost of food per head for one day is INR 300-1000, depends on the place.


Singapore is famous for its beauty and architectures. You have lots of option to see the amazing place and exciting things to do. This place is a little bit high in the budget but not beyond your abilities. Singapore is famous for shopping, nature’s tours, garden festival, beach tour, and wildlife etc. and there are many places to visit such as Chinatown, botanical garden, orchid garden, Helix Bridge and many more. Now let’s come to budget, you can get a meal from price 500 to 5000 INR for one day. And you can get good hotels from 1800 to 3000 INR for one night.


Malaysia is an outstanding international country across the world. There are many activities to do and fantastic places to visit under your budget. Malaysia has a lot to offer. Only you have to choose according to your wish. Some activities which you can enjoy there is leisure tour, culture, wildlife and many more adventures. As well as you can visit the amazing place like Kuala Lumpur, kapas island, Labuan, Pangkor, and Langkawi etc. It is also pocket-friendly budget like easily you can get a meal in INR 200 in the business district as well as transport cost will start from INR 300 onwards and will depend on the distance of place destination.

If you want to get enjoy in international countries then you should try all above-given places with the pocket-friendly budget.