The Golden Woman of India – Sanjita Chanu becomes the India’s second gold medallist at Gold Coast

The Golden Girl on India Sanjita Chanu becomes the second woman who won the Gold at the Commonwealth Games. On 6th April, Friday – Sanjita Chanu bring the Gold to India, and it is one of the proudest moment for the country. She won the Gold in weightlifting, and she becomes the second woman to win gold at two variant editions at Commonwealth Games.

She won against Loa Dika Toua of Papua New Guinea, the Star player of the Country; Sanjita Chanu won the gold in the 53KG Category and with a comfortable margin of 10 KG. Apart from that Kunjarani Devi was the first Golden lady of India who brings the Gold at Home.

Sanjita Chanu


Comparable to Mirabai Chanu, Sanjita had arranged India off on their system at Glasgow four years beginning when she had got the country’s first gold badge on day one. Mirabai could barely concentrate as she achieved silver.

On that moment, the 20-year-old had reached into the Sports on the rear of two Commonwealth championships achievements and it was no unconventional on this season, as the Manipuri lift sealed her position in Gold Coast on the tail of a triumph at the Commonwealth and Oceania weightlifting championships in the corresponding downtown in September.

“Cause of this damage I yet can’t practice too strong. I have been blessed to get great relief which has gripped me motivated,” stated the lifter.

“My back damage was a matter of displaying here too; I have hardly practiced for 15 days for this game. I am still 10 percent missing in health. The physio has been operating on me outside the tournament field,” she cracked down after the game.

Her success at the Glasgow should have been an intense moment of great brilliance but Sanjita’s form dropped drastically, and she fall backward Mirabai in the 48KG division, also missing to fit for the Olympics.

The Indian Railways representative had then moved to the 53 KG division where she completed 13th at latest year’s World Weightlifting Championships in Anaheim. Beyond, she stammered severely, only getting one of her three weights in a snatch and just three overall, ending with 177KGs overall, way underneath on her overall high-grade.

On the other hand, both Mirabai and Sanjita Chanu are inspired and motivated by the Kunjarani Devi. They both said, Kunjarani Devi always been a motivation for them and she inspired them to achieve the greatest heights of success. It is the hard work and dedication which makes them the proud of India.