Do you Feel Sleepy after Lunch

No matter wherever you are, at home or at your office, it is very common that whenever you take your lunch, you feel a bit sleepy. Isn’t it? If yes, then you are not alone. There are a lot of people in this world, including me, who feel sleepy after they have their afternoon meal. Have you ever wondered that why does it happen? Why do we feel this post-lunch slump? Let’s decode the reason for you.

A recent study, which has been led by nutrition and fitness expert Luke Coutinho explained the reason for us. According to him, whenever we eat more than what our body requires our insulin levels spike. Anything we eat, the pancreas in our body produces insulin for controlling blood sugar level in our body. Therefore, when we eat more, obviously our pancreas secretes more insulin in our body. When the secretion of insulin increases in our body, do you know what happens? Our body starts producing sleep hormone which gets traveled to our brain. At the brain, the sleep hormone gets metabolized into serotonin and melatonin. The melatonin is a complete sleep hormone and makes us feel sleepy.

Feel Sleepy

This does not stop here. Having a high carb meal during the daytime requires high amount of energy to get it digested. Therefore, whenever we eat, our digestive system uses 60-70 percent of our body’s energy for digesting the eaten foods. In general, our body loses energy while the digestion process goes on inside our body. After losing much energy, it is very obvious that our body will need rest and we will feel sleepy. Note that high protein meals also have the same effect on our body.

Now a question arises, that can we prevent this slump? And the answer is, yes! We can surely prevent this to happen, and stop affecting our daily routine. Whenever we overeat or take big portions of fatty meals, our body suffers. Therefore, we should stop taking those type of meals or take meals in a heavy amount at one time. Because when we increase the quantity of our food, the energy will be consumed more by breaking down the particles during the digestive system works. Do not make it a habit. Try to take smaller meals throughout the day so that you never get the feeling of sleepiness during the daytime. Small meals at small intervals of time are better than a heavy meal at one time.