Drinking Water at Your Office may be a pool of Germs

Water is an essential intake for human beings to survive. Without water, we cannot imagine our life on the earth. Each person on the earth requires at least 8 to 10 liters of water per a day for consumption. Our health varies a lot, based on proper eating and pure drinking water. While we are at home, we use to drink filtered water but at work, we might neglect the idea of testing the cleanliness of drinking water, thereafter we can get sick easily and blame it on frenetic work schedule. But the reality is that there are higher chances, of office drinking water to be polluted! So, we should not to trust blindly on the administration system and should take some precaution on our own while we at our office.

Drinking Water

Should your faith in tap water? Usually, in small concern, there are uses of tap water for drinking purpose. Tap water comes in the form of TDS, which measures Total Dissolved Solids. TDS means particle-sized solids such as metals, salt, and crystals that can pollute tap water and can get you sick.

Trusting In Bottled Water? Then, it’s the time to check the actualities of bottled water. If you think bottled water is as clean as purified water, then you have to think twice on the same. Because bottled water is considered as an “open system” which makes it disposed to floating contaminations. Drinking bottled water also can make you exposed to toxins and diseases.

Clean Water is always beneficial for health! The doctor always advises us to drink clean and boiled water for a healthier living. If we will take impure water, it will lead to many types of diseases, like a kidney stone, cancer, blood clot or heart diseases. There is no doubt if your body does not contain enough water, it will become dehydrated. And when the body becomes dehydrated the quantity of blood flow through the body is posh. This gives mental and physical weakness. When you drink plenty of clean water you inhibit yourself from all of these matters.

Water at your work can be polluted. But that doesn’t mean you have to stay thirsty. If possible, carry a water bottle from your home or try to drink subdued water at work. This reduces your coverage to germs and gives you a healthy life along with your work. Make sure to drink enough water every day but purified one.