This is a very unusual medical case, but it has happened. Who knew that eating fish can carry a man to the operating table at a hospital? This is a case of China, where doctors have removed over 100 fish bones from a Chinese man’s rectum after he had his meal. He had two servings of boiled carp, which he swallowed without removing the bones, and thought the bones will be removed through his stools, but it failed.

fry fish


According to sources, the man is a resident of Sichuan Province and is in his 60’s. After the incident, he felt acute pain while sitting on the toilet. The pain was so dangerous that he had to seek medical help. After he was consulted by the doctors, a CT scan was done which showed tight clusters of fish bones stuck in the man’s rectum.

The man was undergone through a two-hour long surgery, where the doctors were able to pull around 100 of needle-like fish bones from the anus. According to the doctors, this was the first case of them, where the patient has so many fish bones in his rectum. Doctors explained that the surgery was very tricky as it had a high risk of blood loss from the body, which could be dangerous.

But the turning point of the story is that all the fish bones are not yet pulled by the doctors. Many bones are still left in the man’s rectum, as the part was already swollen. Doctors said, “Because there were so many bones and his rectum was severely swollen, we couldn’t get them all at once, so we asked him to return home to rest for a few days to see if he’d pass the rest on his own.” We hope he passes the remaining bones on his own.

We know eating fish is healthy, but this man thought eating bones might be healthy too!