“UP Should Develop its Own Film Industry”, Says Subhash Ghai

 Looking towards Uttar Pradesh as a hub for film production, Bollywood filmmaker Subhash Ghai has said that he recently appeared in a film event where films in different languages such as Telugu, Tamil, Malayalee, and Kannada were showcased but there was no sign of Hindi movie for Uttar Pradesh. “It is very unpleasant to hear that National Film industry generate a maximum number of films in Hindi but they have no individuality as films from Uttar Pradesh. We must find the solution to this situation”, said Subhash Ghai.


Subhash Ghai


The filmmaker Subhash Ghai has said that UP should develop its own film industry. According to him, a positive step towards UP film Industry should be taken instead of just contributing grants to Mumbai-based filmmakers. “It is sarcastic that UP is known as Hindi speaking state but the Hindi film commerce is based in Mumbai. Why can’t UP develop its own industry here and brush the youthful talent from the state? The film policy must look beyond offering sponsorships”, said Subhash Ghai. The state government should create facilities that to make their films in UP so, that young persons from UP does not need to run to Mumbai in search of work or getting the opportunity to learn from the industry.

The world has rapidly changed in the past two periods. Subhash Ghai said he had filmed “Taal” in 1999 in Chamba, Himachal Pradesh and the film was released. There was a surge in tourist traffic to Chamba. But today if a person wishes to see some destination, it is available at one click. Through Internet you can bring the world to your doorstep and cinema is not the only medium that takes you on a world tour.

According to Ghai, the people in UP should not learn to tell their own stories, develop their own content and a beginning can be made with short films. He also reveals that there were only 1,000 monitors in the state located in 25 districts. Avneesh Awasthi, who is the principal secretary, said that UP has all that features for becoming a principal state in the field of media and entertainment industry. He said UP provides a maximum number of viewers to the film industry and no film can get the status of `Hit film’ without a success in U.P.  We are hard to find that there is any film or serial without artists from UP. And every third person in the film industry whether they are working in films or not is from Uttar Pradesh.

Seeing to this, Subhash Ghai cleared that U.P should create its own film industry and give the opportunity to young people of U.P people which give an identification to U.P as filmmaker industry with the hard shape.