BHOPAL: Chief minister and state Congress president Kamal Nath will be busy strategizing for the party and campaigning throughout the state during the Lok Sabha elections.

So, the chief minister’s wife and former MP Alka Nath will lead the campaign for Congress candidate and her son Nakul Nath in Chhindwara, a constituency Kamal Nath represented in Lok Sabha for nine terms. Alka Nath was also elected MP from the constituency in 1996.

Alka Nath started her campaign in Chhindwara from Thursday after addressing a women’s convention at the district headquarters. She gave an emotional short speech recalling how she came to Chhindwara to campaign for chief minister Nath forty years ago.

“You are all my own,” she said addressing the gathering. “Those who know me will tell you that I was never keen on having Nath Saab join politics and neither was my parents-in-law very eager on it. But when I came to Chhindwara for the first time and started campaigning, I told Nath Saab one evening that immaterial of whether we win the elections or not, we will work for this region,” she recalled.

The former MP said that Nakul Nath contesting from Chhindwara is like history repeating itself. She said the family was in New Delhi when a call came and a person from Chhindwara asked if Nakul Nath would be contesting from the seat. “It was like a repeat of what exactly happened 40 years ago,” she said.

“Had Kamal Nath not contested elections from this seat 40 years ago, this district would have been different. Chhindwara would not have taken this same road to development. It is for this reason that I have permitted Nakul to come here,” Alka Nath said. Speaking to women in the convention, she said that Naths have family relations with the people of Chhindwara and not political.

“After today, I will come to have a cup of tea and snacks with you. Don’t hand me a microphone because when you talk to family members, it is not from a mike,” she said. “The Opposition has criticised, but I have nothing to say since a son of this constituency will contest the elections.”

Campaigning through the constituency, Alka Nath asked people of Chhindwara to take “double the work” from Nakul Nath.

I request you to get Nakul to work double of what you took from his father. If his father constructed a two-lane highway, then ask Nakul for a four-lane highway,” she said. Getting emotional during her speech at the women’s convention, Alka Nath said that she is always moved whenever she was amid the people of Chhindwara.

“I don’t know if I will be able to come amid you again in the next five years, but I have a love-relationship with this region. I came here as a daughter and a Bhabhi and am now a mother, grandmother for the people here. Don’t know how fast the 40 years went-by,” she said.

“I am hoping that the son will get the same love that you gave our family. Nakul is a child of this region. You make him victorious and then make him work for you. Kamal Nath worked for this region, Nakul will work even harder,” she added.

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