Why Do We Celebrate Good Friday

In this article, we are going to look at some of the reasons that why we do celebrate Good Friday in the Christian religion. This holiday that commemorates the crucifixion of and death of Jesus Christ in Calvary, this one of the most important Christian holidays. The following are the reasons why we celebrate Good Friday.

The cross is central to Christianity; the cross is very significant in the way that it reminds us of what Jesus went through so that we will be saved. The importance of the cross may be different from one place to another.

 Good Friday

The next reason is there is Easter without a cross. Good Friday represents the suffering and glory of Jesus Christ because he died and come back to life after three days. The following reason is that it good Friday brings about the contrast and that is the reason why we celebrate Good Friday. There is no celebration if you cannot appreciate the fact that Jesus Christ came back to life. Without this, it would not be that a big deal and celebrating every year from the ancient times. Good Friday is not sad. Some people might be taking this on a different angle but Good Friday should be a celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ died so that we don’t die because of our sins. Good Friday is not invented or superstitious. The gospel tells us that Jesus died on Passover, a Jewish feast for fifteen days in the month of Nisan. The cross cannot be looked down upon when you come to think of what took place and what Jesus went through because of our sins. The cross is a simple of shame and the guilt of your sins. The following reason why we celebrate Good Friday is that the bible doesn’t forbid it and this is the reason why many Christian do celebrate this special day.

A Good Friday is an ancient Christian holiday. The Easter and Good Friday are attested as one of the ancient Christian feast celebrations. It has been carried out by generation to generation since from the ancient times. Whether you like it or not be sure these activities will be here with us for a long time. It is very special to appreciate this day and spend it as well to get the most out of this special day. Failing to do so then this will end up being one of your boring days. You should never let this happen to you at any cost. You should rethink if you are not spending this time to connect with your family and friends as you share your faiths together.