Father Chop off His Son’s Wrist

Can you imagine that a father can cut his son’s wrist? It’s really shocking but it has happened. This is an incident from Hyderabad, India, that a man has chopped off his son’s wrist. Guess the reason behind this act! The man was very much frustrated with his son’s mobile phone addiction and due to this addiction, he did this act.

Cell phones have destroyed our lives. Also, no one puts stock in this declaration as resolutely as parents. From a stomach ache to a carpel burrow, from awful stamps to awful connections, everything, as per our parents, is a direct result of a mobile phone addiction. In the event that parent’s state of mind was the climate, at that point watching kids on their cell phones is what might as well be called a tornado. And this is what happened with this father! But definitely, this act from this father is not a cure for this mobile phone addiction.

Why Father Cuts Off His Son’s Wrist?

According to sources, the father’s name is Mohammed Qayyum Qureshi and is 45 years old electrician. His son, whose wrist was chopped off by his father is Khaled Qureshi, 19-year-old boy and was working as a cable operator. Khaled used to watch movies for hours on his mobile phone, which was not accepted by his father.

Father Chop off His Son’s Wrist

On a few events, Qayyum had warned his son to rest early, however, his Khaled kept on overlooking his dad. This prompted an exceptional squabble between the two. At the point when Qayyum tried to grab away the mobile phone, Khaled opposed and bit his dad’s hand in striking back. Nonetheless, in spite of this battle, Khaled stayed stuck to his mobile phone screen, unperturbed. Next morning, when the father saw that his son is still disobeying his orders and watching movies on the mobile phone, he took a butcher’s knife and chopped off his son’s right hand.

After the incident happened, the other family members woke up by hearing loud screams of Khaled and he was soon taken to a local hospital. Police reports say that the writs have been cut close to 90% detached from the hand, and there is barely any chance that it can be attached again. Police have already arrested the father and a case has been registered against him.

As a parent, many people think and find ways to cure the mobile phone addiction of their child, but I am sure, this is not the way to cure this. This is not only rude, but it is a crime!