5 Frightening Risks of Wearing Contact Lens

Contact lenses are a great medical tool that is used to improve vision to people with visual impairment. But nowadays, not only people with eyesight problem wear contact lens but these are also used by the youngsters to change the color of their eyes, as a style icon. Even though contact lenses have benefits it also has threatening side effects that we are going to look at in this article. Contact lenses have been proven to have a negative effect on those who put it on, especially when you use your contact lenses without a prescription. The risk and complications associated with contact lenses are very risky and should be avoided at all cost to prevent loss of eyesight or developing other complications. Now without further discussions, let’s look at some of the frightening risks of contact lenses.

5 Frightening Risks of Wearing Contact Lens

  • Corneal Abrasion is one of the common complications faced by the contact lens wearers. It has painful symptoms caused by the scratching of the clear eye window. This contributes to having blurred vision in patients. Also, patients may seem to suffer from excessive eye tears.


  • Blindness can be caused by wearing nonprescribed contact lenses. This leads to permanent loss of eyesight. It reduces the quality of vision into poor quality vision. Furthermore, there is also an instance where patients have an overgrowth of surrounding blood vessels. This causes more complications and contributes to painful sensations.


  • Pink eyes are a contagious infection caused by germs which are spread by sharing of the contact lenses. This should be avoided at any cost. Early detection and early medical attention is the key to get the best out of the modern treatments. When you are suspected have some of these symptoms, one should seek medical attention as soon as possible. Sharing contact lenses leads to an infection known as keratitis. It is also caused by using nonprescribed contact lenses. Early treatment using antibiotics or steroid drops will help in curing the disease. But sometimes surgery is needed such as the corneal transplant.


  • Last but not least, we have photophobia which is also known as light sensitivity. This is caused by the use of contact lenses. This causes the eyes to be more sensitive to strong light such as the daytime lighting. We also have red eyes which are also caused by the use of contact lenses to non-prescribed patients.


Use of nonprescribed contact lenses should be totally avoided because it has many side effects. This can lead to decreased vision to those with decent eyesight. As you can see that it’s better to avoid contact lenses and use an alternate method of curing. Try to live longer with better eyesight than losing it. Try to seek early medical attention if you suspect any of these symptoms, in order to benefit more and improve chances of getting cured. Try to use spectacles rather than using contact lens every time. Contact Lens is best when used occasionally.